I never met a astrologer is so amazing !!! He can know all the things without birth details. "" Consult Tarun Chopra, Call Him Now #.9811940236""

I am doing meditation with mystical coin from August 2006 as per instruction given by TARUN JI.In such a short span i got a fantastic result.My situation improved alot and now i am feeling very confident about myself. I am still continuing meditation daily. It is really wonderful and a feeling of great refreshment.Thanks to Tarun ji. "" Consult Tarun Chopra, Call Him Now #.9811940236""

The vibratory sound of rummmmm is very powerful and is fantastic…your aura reading is fantastic…and so are the details of colours "" Consult Tarun Chopra, Call Him Now #.9811940236""

I never met a astrologer is so amazing !!! He can know all the things without birth details. "" Consult Tarun Chopra, Call Him Now #.9811940236""

Though I have been in touch with you for last 4-5 years but was never more impressed than what happened this June when I was feeling very low due to nothing positive working in office. When chatted with you, you were confident that after 10 days everything at work will change as what I have been thinking. To me it was impossible based on what has happened so far but in the corner of my heart I believed you. To my astonishment, things started taking U-turn exactly at the time as indicated by you. Within next 15 days everything got changed at work as per my desire .

I am really impressed with your readings. I live in USA, it is really amazing when you can visualize my USA (Sacramento,California) home sitting in INDIA and tell me what household items I have. I wish I have that ability. Just to share my current experience. I asked you to check my home today. Tarun Ji, you visualize and found that my bedroom has very low light. You recommended to clean the windows. It is true that we have low light in that room. Waiting for more wonderful results to come, still I am doing meditation with the Coin as told by Tarun Ji.

Tarun Chopra is a human computer who solves the needy people problems with his acquired knowledge and science. It is a miracle in my life the way i received the results of his remedies and i will be thankful to him forever. I suggest everyone to keep faith on this science and get rid of your social problems. I personally advice that without faith nothing is fruitful.

your aura reading has stunned me and what ever u have advised me has helped me a lot. U have helped me selflesely. more than anything, not only as an astrologer, ur values as human is very much appreciated!!! I have trust in your words and advice

You have won my faith,TO TARUN CHOPRA JEE, Excellent,I donot have word to express my feeling for you. Really very appreciable knowledge you have related with your profession astrology. Perhaps you may have not memory about me. But I know you, your prediction come 100% true. Around 10 months ago, I requested to you tell something about me with the help of date of birth,you accepted this challenge and predicted about me free of cost Really you GREAT,and I respect you knowledge yours

Hi Tarun, U are very good and accurate. We live in Australia , and have asked tarun for advice when we change house or something imp. He is really good, best of luck

I have never seen anyone doing accurate predictions of his ability. He can predict and forecast by just communicating on phone! Above all he is not a greedy person. He is very nice and would help you in any situation. I will always refer him to my colleagues for readings.

Dear Tarunji, I have visited your website fortnight ago, applied the polo remedy. Within the two days of taking polo , i got some dues which is totally unexpected i.e. i got an unexpected monetry benefit. This is really a very economical remedy. One should try this, though it has no reason to believe, but working efficiently. Keep it up Mr.Tarun.

Dear Sir, Its been more than an year since I know you. Having known your impeccable command over predicting the exact time of events so many times,I took your advice and ordered for The Mystical Coin about a month back. I am already begining to experiance its positive energy around me. I am feeling much more relaxed. I always carry this coin with me and at nights keep it under my pillow which has helped me to get a sound sleep which I was missing for so many days. Thank You so much for your timely advice once again. Regards

My wife came to know about Mr. Tarun through a good friend; that point of time i was going through a mayhem in my job with no hope of getting away from the crisis. She got the Mystical Coin for herself and me also suggested to do the Polo- Remedy. I never had the faith still i did it for the sake of doing it, my wife was also told by Tarunji that everythings’ gonna fine. To my surprise gradually things went fine and i am still with the same job. I really works Man!

Tarunji is a very helpful and selfless person he has given us remedies which have proved to be beneficial he is doing a great work for the mankind and without money mindedness such people are very difficult to find in today’s world and thanks mr tarun is around.

at 3 months i got money crises, i did bread jam remedy one day and got money as per advised of Mr. Tarunji. Really its very helpful and very unique of this remedy. He is really very good person

I got Tarunji refernce from one of my friend. I read his website and tried polo remedy just to know that i really works or not. But I was SURPRISED i got the money which i was expecting from last 6 months. As i was about to finished my polo pk i got my money back.This is very ecnomically remedy and i discussed it with all my friends and realtives.I really impressed with your all readings. Thank you so much for all your kindness. God bless you and your family. Warm Regards

Before six months i met Mr. Tarunji, i point out that Mr.Tarunji is right person who can show me right path in my life. Also i noticed that his way is very different and unique style to advise for everyone When i get difficulty in life than i contact with him, i saw that he always ready to help me advised me in well manner. Also i took mystical coin, really its work very sound. And now am taking sound sleep without any bad dreams and seeing positive energy in my life.Really he is appreciable and gentle person.Many many thanks Mr.Tarunji

Its true that there is no comparision of this Mystical Coin. I m working in a Stock marketing and even doing my all efforts not getting the benefits. I was so depressed and not able to understand where my life is going, every thing is in dark. One day I contacted Tarunji and he suggest me to Meditate with this Mystical Coin. I bought it and with in a few days i m getting profits in my deals now my bosses are also Happy with me and Now, I m getting monthly appreciation also. Thank u Tarunji this all is just because of you.

Dear Tarunji, For me it’s like a new beginning , I learnt of metaphysicals & occult practices of the eighteen hundred’s in my english honours course of Literature , that’s how I have the belief of it — clairvoyance,psychics, I am now practically reliving the study after so many years of my course on this short chapter which i was intrigued by and never forgot about , my mail of now , is also way of my glad expressions, about conversation with you Tarunji ! I could not be much more appreciative in having a lively discussion with you just now. Thanks for the interaction ! You are indeed forthcoming and actually I felt you were sitting close inside my mind , I think you are GOD gifted . I have read of mind benders ,who actually pursue the person and change the program of the person concerned , I think you are capable too ! Please accept my thankfulness again , I really look forward to an interaction over the net again in the near future , look forward to your kind acceptance to it . My best wishes again

Dear Tarun , I didnt believe that i ll get too much luck after i am getting the Mystical coin i got $14000 as a loan from my bank .i got promotions in my job.Good lucks comes with the mystical coin.trust me if anyone got doubt contact me in the email.i ll speak with anyone at anytime regarding Mystical Coin – Its a Treasure.Thank U Tarun i ll never forget u in my life.

Dear Tarun , I didnt believe that i ll get too much luck after i am getting the Mystical coin i got $14000 as a loan from my bank .i got promotions in my job.Good lucks comes with the mystical coin.trust me if anyone got doubt contact me in the email.i ll speak with anyone at anytime regarding Mystical Coin – Its a Treasure.Thank U Tarun i ll never forget u in my life.

Dear Tarun, Thanks for you perdictions. I got job in my profession & my husband also got better

well i live thankfull with TARUN-JI cause he has a lot of acerted ..councels for me in the right moment. i was simmered into a deep depression ..caused by some life problems . then he suggested me to use the mystical coin, so then i began to feel more in calm…clear and with a different life perspective. now all my things are going …and if i find any obstacle i talk to him .directly!!! he knows how to help everybody with so truthfull guidance, and always on time! i apreciate him a lot for his help and his presence so spiritual! i congratulate myself always ..cause he found me and now i give not steps if he is not guiding me.

The suggestion about Ganesha statue remedy has in some ways really reduced the violence in the house I have absolutely no word to express gratitude .Thank you, hope my son becomes a healthy,and a happy child soon

Namasthey Tarunji, Once When I came across your website your website www.occultwizard.com I was attracted by your polo mint suggestion given to a person who was very much disturbed with his long pending promotion. Since I was an affected person even I have tried the Polo mint process. What a surprise! this time I have got my promotion alongwith monetary benefit, whereas previously i.e. in May 2005 they promoted 23 employees and we were not given pay fixation till now. After that i.e.in Sept.2008 except 7 of us balance employees were given new promotion alongwith pay fixation. Whereas we are the seniors were treat as juniors. Now I really thank you for this Polo mint remedy

A friend of mine in Bombay told me about Tarun.The first time I consulted him was about my visa for the USA. Just on phone he told me that I would get the visa very easily and I did get a visa. I came here to the US in 2006. But I had a lot of problems, the only person I could think of consulting then was Tarun and I was very glad I did coz all his predictions and remedies worked for me. For a while things were ok until again my life was topsy turvy. So this time he asked me to get the mystical coin and since then things are better. All my problems seem bearable

On the advice of Tarun Ji I was able to concentrat on my studies. Thanks a lot.I hope he will guide me whenever I need help in my life

Dear Sir, You bring me back to the lights…as I was having very tough Time in my life,but after meeting you,i am feeling myself very optimistic and even very comfortable in my routine life.Now just waiting that whatever you have predicted about me,when that’ll come true..I hope I’ll get that too for the sure and on the same time as you told me.:) Thanks For everything.

Dear Tarun, It was your rememdy of keeping sugar cubes in a glass jar for 41 days in my room helped me getting married. And yes, as you said, I got a wonderful husband and a great family. Thanks a ton

I came across Mr.Tarun’s website, accidentally, when I was browsing the internet. I had problems in my work place and i was mentally quite disturbed. Everything seemed to go wrong at one point of time. Mr. Tarun recommended the mystical coin and whenever my mind gets disturbed, I hold it in my right hand. I can instantly, feel the surge of enery from my palm to the brain and my mind returns to normalcy. I have started feeling confident and things are slowly turning in my favour. Whenever I used to have problems sleeping of have headache, just talking to Mr.Tarun over phone for 5 mts,puts me to sleep / removes my headache. He’s a very sincere person and really helps out people with his powers. He’s not at all money minded and is quite approachable. I’m really thankful to him for suggesting to me the mystical coin which is really invaluable I used to be hyper-sensitive and quite tensed up over trivial things. After a few interactions, Shri. Tarun suggested me 2 exercises under the chinese zhan zhuang system. These exercises can be performed just by standing still for 5 mts. These are very effective in calming the mind. The balloon exercise makes one really feel the energy around him/her. After both these exercises in the morning, one feels really, calm , fresh and energised to start the day’s work. I recommend these to all those who have a hectic schedule. It’s definitely worth doing. I’m really indebted shri. Tarun Chopra for suggesting these exercises and make my life better

Dear Tarunji, Your remedy of having Rajma on thursday has really helped my brother get his very awaited offer. The offer that was pending since 3 weeks has arrived immediately after he had rajma in the morning. Dont know how it works or what it is. But it really worked for us

sir, i am very impressed by ur remedial solutions but pls put some more efforts for speedy solutions i think that i am the first person who was not so benefitted. sir, ur very co-operative but i am not getting result. solutions are very good but i think my karmas are very bad therefore i am not benefitted. thanks

Dear All,i dont know how to thank Tarunji for all that confidece and peace I have got.things were quite messed up in my life but after Tarunji’s remedy it seems like the storm has stopped.My life was a real storm in its real senses and now it has stopped. personally, i feel confident, i feel peace within me.this man is absolutely selfless. during my tough period, lot of people gv me their own remedies but my conscience had belief in Tarunji and here i am out of it all safe.i trust Tarunji and when in vain i seek rescue only when i talk to him. inspite of such a busy schdule he is always available to talk and you can talk your heart. i am sincerely thankful to Tarunji, and i will walk on the path guided by you. all the best wishes and waiting for the predictions that you told

TarunJi is a wonderful reader and the like I have never come across ever before. His first reading is what you should always have trust in. When we start imposing our wishes and desires and try to influence his reading, the result naturally would be erratic. So go to him with fulltrust and belive in what he reads , first time. Ashok bhatia

working as sr. lecturer in engg. college. college was sending me to indore for official purpose.about occultwizard came to know from colleage.while downloading sunrise wallpaper,i was thinking that it will be better if i can go by air.after 3 hours i came to know that train is cancelled(june 5th intercity from nizhamudin to indore).i talked to director.within 5 minutes he confirmed my ticket by air on 6th june.next day i was thinking is it the result of sunrise wallpaper.again i downloaded wallpaper and wished for return also by air.can u imagine,clerk came after 20 minutes and said your train from indore to delhi is cancelled.your return ticket by air is confirmed.this wallpaper is miracle.thanks to tarun.also thanks to my colleage jyoti who told me about occultwizard.com

lucky charm is inded a blessing in disguise for me ,its giving lots of tons of abudance in my life thanks tarunji

Dear Tarun Ji, I stay in USA.Recently I came to India for short duration and I met you only once.All my problems got solved the moment I came back after meeting you, and I have kept the mystical coin given by you in my Puja place at home.Life is different these days and all credit goes to you. God, bless you.

I Know Tarunji for the last 8 years.All of his remedies have worked instantly and his suggestions about elephants,green colour,buddhas,lord Shiva and Rajma work very accurately.He is not only helpful,he is not greedy and needs no details whenever you call him and give immediate remedies over the phone,may it be regaring jobs,finances,health,dreams or general peace of mind.I wish him all the best always

dear Tarunji, since i have come in contact with you all the problems & difficulties in my life are being solved instantly. the coin which you gave me has enhansed my physical & mental capabilities to many folds.you are always helpful to give me your good advise any time i need it.i have yet to come across a person like you in my life who is always ready to help & give advise as and when needed. i really want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. may god bless you

Hey Tarun, You always predict for me and it comes true.We know for around 8 yrs Thanks for helping me to get my job.

I contacted Tarun 3 months back as I was facing lots of problems in both Personald and Professional front as well. I took the coin from Tarun and within a week’s time I got the most desired and awaited job. Thank you so much Tarun.

I wanted to share my experience with you when I was so stressed and misplaced some of my valuable ornaments You told me to keepA glass of water with saffron leaves in it while sleeping for two nights near my Pillow. It was so amazing that exactly third day I found my ornaments intact. Thanking you once again and best regards

Thank you Tarunji. your bread and jam remedy helped me a lot. when i face crises , then i tried it and always it help me.May god bless you and your family

Dear Tarunji, Your advice to chant Om 29 times in 3 sets for Non co operative Brother has worked, Even the bread and red colured jam for 3 days has given results. I am eager to have a deeper dip into your ocean of powerful knoweledge. Lots of Thanks and God bless you,

I was struggling since four months to find a Job in US after I lost my Job.I spoke to shree Tarun Ji and he adviced me to use a silver border metallic ball point pen and asked me to use it for 10-15 days.I bought the silver border metallic ball point pen and I got a Job in Three days.I thank Shree Tarunji from bottom of my heart.I hope he continues to help people like me who are struggling to find jobs.May god bless him and give him the strength to help more and more people

Polo mint does work!! I tried it just once and what I come to know is my Manager has recommended me for a promotion even without me asking for it. I know I would get it. Thanks!! Please update this section, if you have more such remedies. Thanks again

Dear Tarun, there were various free remedies avilable on this web site, I tried one of them forgetting better job with High salary. and within 15 days I got 2 offers Thanks for your guidance

Dear Mr.Tarun, Thanks for the remedy for psoriasis—-now my son is getting relief after taking ayurvedic medicine along with your remedy—previously it was not working.I dont know how i can thank you —pray that he is completely cured.God Bless You for helping all.

Dear Tarunji, your rajma on three thursdays did work wonders. My daughter who was struggling for a job for the last one year has got a job. Thank you

i had taken ur advice regarding financial problem and have received some sort of benefit but now i have a health problem of kidney stones kindly advise requesting ur prayers and blessings

From the bottom of my heart, this is to offer gratitude to Tarun Ji for suggesting me a remedy over the phone for getting selected for a job with the company where I had taken telephonic as well as in person interviews and was finally told not to hope of my selection. Tarun ji told me that I will definitely get this job. It was suggested by Tarun ji that in the morning before going out of the house, I should take a blank white paper, make a triangle on it & inside the triangle I should make three plus (+) signs, fold it to a smaller size and carry it with me in the pocket. When I come back home in the evening, I should tear the paper and throw it in the garbage bin. Tarun ji suggested doing this remedy for 10 days. I was flabbergasted beyond expression, the very first day when I did it, I received a call from the company informing me that I have been selected for the job. Once again, thank you so much Tarun Ji for your sure shot advice.

It was just by chance i came across this website and read the testimonials.People like Tarun are truly blessed.He is GODs own child on whom HE has bestowed special ability to guide people and remove their problems and suffering with handy remedies.May his tribe increase and help the lesser mortals. God Bless Him

Amazing person. Predicted that I would get on offer on the 10th of novemeber and it came on the 10th. I am looking to buy the Mystical Coin when i visit India this december. Thanks a zillion sir

I came across Tarun’s website accidentally. I was going through a lot of trauma and hopelessness in life. I got his contact no. and called him immediately, explained my situation and requested him if I could come over and get the mystical coin. He was so genuine and kind and humane, he knew the crisis I was going through and recommended that I don’t spend money on the coin instead put sweets (sugar candy)in a box and place it where we keep our products. I was utterly surprised that he wasn’t keen to sell me the mystical coin and was ready to help me anytime when I called him without any vested/financial interest. I still insisted that I want the coin and reached his place in. 30 minutes(had to do some Formula 1)driving that day. The moment I saw him, I knew I’d met someone who was really,really concerned and ready to help and not just helping/telling me remedies because that would benefit him financially. I got the coin and he even gave me a packet of sugar candy(Thank you Tarun). I have called him several times subsequently, and he always has the time and patience to listen to my woes and offer a solution. Things are already looking upward. Thank you ever so much Tarun. I can literally write for another hour, but I guess words cannot explain the kind of experience I have . Things are improving surely, and I am so much more at peace and centered. Ever so grateful for the divine grace which got me to the website. Thank you Tarun. warm regards

A man with great powers and high ability to see the future.. i think thats the best way to describe you.. and u certainly are a saint who has high patience and a remedy for almost everything.. when i first consulted you all i could do was laugh because of the remidy you told me and that was when i had a fight with my girlfriend and she was not at all ready to talk to me.. you told me hold a glass of tea in your hand when you talk to her she ll be fine.. i tried it and itworked.. you coin has changed my life entirly..being in contact with you was the best thing i did in life.. sir we love you and god bless you.. and i do not hessitate to say that without even have seen you are my best friend and a person i do not hesitate to call what so ever and some timesi even do sill things but the best thing is considring me your young brother u forget and forgive me… may god bless you with all happiness.. you are a tresure in our life may you shine as a star in the sky of success

I have met Tarun ji twice so far . I have been observing positivity in my life since then . His methods are very simple.Twice I have had some money problems like my money got stuck due to some unknown problem next day I had bread and red jam in my breakfast . Immediatly in 2 -3 days my money getting struck got solved . I donot know the reason but it works . You must be wondering that it is some popularity message but believe me this techinique has worked twice . I have few more issues and following Tarunji suggestions and will update the results . Tarunji is very responsive and simple person .

I have met Tarun ji twice so far . I have been observing positivity in my life since then . His methods are very simple. Twice I have had some money problems like my money got stuck due to some unknown problem next day I had bread and red jam in my breakfast . Immediatly in 2 -3 days my money getting struck got solved . I donot know the reason but it works . You must be wondering that it is some popularity message but believe me this techinique has worked twice . I have few more issues and following Tarunji suggestions and will update the results . Tarunji is very responsive and simple person . Sincere Regards,

I have trust in you. You are a nice person and I believe you are working on right things

hello Tarun ji, I asked you about the money my husband lost through wrong bank transactions. I did the remedy you suggested and the money started coming back in 8 days. though it took time but we got the money . Thanks for your good suggestion.

I think the fact that when saturn is aspecting in 7th house all spiritual remedy goes in vain. i firmly believe that because my saturn is in 1st house. To tell you more i feel more relaxed if i dont do any spiritual practice

I am from Bhopal. I read this site occult wizard quite often. Once I read about the remedy of 15 circles and decided to give it a try. As required I kept a paper on which 15 circles were drawn in my shirt pocket. On the first day itself when I went to my bank to withdarw cash , I was found their were dacoits in the bank and I was kept hostage alongwith the bank staff and other customers. We were all very scared when suddenly one of the recovery agent of the bank ran out and shouted. The dacoits sensed danger and ran out. Two of them were nabbed and everything wes saved. Even our mobile phones which were taken away by the dacoits were found in the bank. Later on the whole gang was caught . I feel that the 15 circles paper saved me . After that I try to follow this as much as possible.

I told my friend who are going thru a bad time with his boss to try the Polo Pack OMG, in 1 hour he got 3 offers on the very first day itself, all with 80% increase in salary. Thank you Tarun…

Happy to Quote – I randomly reached to Tarun ji website while searching some keyword on google and found interesting content. Gave him a call and he suggested me the remedy along with the mystical coin. Once I confirmed the coin , things started changing at my end (one can call it as beginner benefit or good luck). I am too happy to quote that Mystical coin has some power in it and that is mystic. I have experienced it and recommended my keen about it.Thank you Tarun Ji.

I really recommend Tarun jis advice to anyone who has any sort of problem. His remedies r unusual and sometimes doesn’t make sense to the people who r not aware of its results, but believe me they work like magic. Thanks for all Ur advices

I really recommend Tarun jis advice to anyone who has any sort of problem. His remedies r unusual and sometimes doesn’t make sense to the people who r not aware of its results, but believe me they work like magic. Thanks for all Ur advices

My mother left us for the heavenly abode in 2008 a day before her death she had lost few of her jewels and also around 2 lakhs in cash and mobiles. Later we also found that all her jewels were missing: In sheer desperation my brother and I called you sir and describes the situation- as we were talking to you, you described a room which was “L” in shape and you saw the things covered in something red in colour. Later that week we found the jewels and cash in our kitchen which is L shaped, tucked in a red colour stool and red colour pouch. This very stool we were about to throw. Thank you sirLast week again I lost few of my jewels and this time around I really thought that I would never get them back. One phone call and you assured me that they were not lost and that I will find it before the week end to be precise before Friday-15th July; Tarun sir I found all the 4 pendants(chain still not traceable) today i.e. on the 13th July. Sir from the bottom of my heart me and my entire family thank you and wish you and your family all the very best in life. Thank you sir once again

I must say Tarun ji have a strong intution power.Once I called him and said that I am not getting any job interview.Faced only one interview and in that company i was on hold.Tarun ji asked me to wear a silver ring in my left hand and wait for 12-13 days. I had no hope from any side till 12th day and suddenly on 13th night I got a call from that company and they offered me for the same position. Now I am doing that job only from last 2 months. I am really thankful to Tarun ji .Still i am doing his all remedies to get success in future.I hope to meet him near future

I came across Tarunji website by chance and contacted him by phone about a person who has taken money from us and was refusing to give it back to us and Tarunji gave us a remedy to fill a bottle with water and hide it for 21 days and within a few days we received some money from that person and we were amazed that person has contacted us and gave the money. Thank you Tarunji for this amazing remedy.

Sir, Regards. I had talked to you on the 7 March regarding my finances. I was too depressed and You told me – lakes ghoom kar aao, fountain dikhna aur 2 palaces bhi dekna jhan pas se dikhte hain. I went along with my husband and son. Thanks Sir. I became confident and was not scared of future . 12 ko lump sum ka arrangement ho gaya. 17 ko loan pas ho gaya. Its miracle. Thanks a lot. Because of you only our life has changed from the day I got the coin and now also it will change. Also whenever I am in a fix I ring you and you answer coolly .and listen to me. Thanks once again.People like you are a boon to the society. Thanks once again.

Dear Tarun Ji, As per the Testimonials mentioned on this site by TARUN JI followers, I kept the water beside my bed while sleeping at the night, since I lost my Gold valuables. I did the same way, and exactly on 5th day I found it in my home. Thanks TARUN JI A lot. I hope to get my desired results, for the problems I have shared with you, with your solutions. THANKS

I want to thank Tarun so deeply from my heart, i have a !4 year old daughter who has learning & behavioral difficulty since the last few years she used to get very aggressive and physically violent, this also interfered with her learning at school, Tarun recommended red chilly remedy and MYSTICAL COIN about 6 WEEKS AGO, we are so amazed because this remedy is working wonderfully and my daughter progress at school has much improved already, we have had no episodes of aggressive behaviour at all, thankyou so much, it was gods will that we connected with yourself…I highly reccommend your remedies to anybody with a problem they need to resolve, god bless.

I came across Tarunji website by chance in April this year and ever since then have been in touch with him. He is just amazing.At the time when I got in touch with him I had a frozen shoulder and was in immense pain. My hand movement was very restricted and I first spoke to him on the phone and he suggested that I should buy some rock salt and should keep it in my bedroom. According to him there will be relief in the next 21 days. I thought it strange,but still did as suggested by him and yes gradually there was a change in the pain and I started healing. Later I bought the mystical coin from him and have kept it with me constantly. Whenever I am low or I feel there may be a conflict with any one, I hold the coin in my hand and after some time am much calmer and am able to face the situation without any fear. He is one amazing person and if anyone can help a person in distress without any selfish motive the Tarunji is the right person to get in touch. His approach to the situation is very different from any astrologer. One can experience the difference on contact. So do contact him. Geeta Sharma Gurgaon

I had bought Mystical coin from you in May (2nd week) and have been using it since day 1 . I am really happy to let you know that I am finally getting married in march . I had to struggle a lot for years to find a suitable bride , and I finally found someone who loves me wants to stick with me . Thanks to the power of Mystical coin

Dear Tarun Nice to hear from you, I also wanted to Thank you for advice you gave me a few months ago, I was without job you recommended I buy a plastic box and place 4 toothbrushes of different colours, I tried your remedy and got the job.

Hi sir, IM ur big fan..few days earlier i consulted u regarding my job..u told me change the time of using mystical coin from 7.15 pm to 9 pm...and with in 3 days i got my job.tarun ji you are so gud at ur predictions...

Dear Tarun, I read your website. and felt very interesting.. so i tried bread with jam. i was not getting some payment from almost 6 months and within just 2 days of eating that. i got my full money.. Now, I am going to try red beans n job cause i am trying deadly to get job but not getting any.. Your website is really helpful. Keep posting.

Thanks a lot to Tarunji, who always help suffering people selflessly. I have never seen such a helpful and humble person. Since few days I was facing problem from all side, at my workplace, at home, neighbour. All were against me for no reason.. Even my work everywhere remaining incomplete and so I depressed a lot and called Tarunji. He suggested to keep petals of rose somewhere in the house for 4-5 days and then throw them out. And surprisingly after 3 days of keeping petals everything settled down. One of my neighbour quarrelling with me since 2 Wednesdays came to me to say sorry, the day she came was Wednesday. Even my pending work completed within 5 days miraculously for which I lost hope. At my workplace people started behaving normally. This was nothing but miracle for me. Tarunji God Bless You and Your Family. Prior whatever remedies you suggested, all worked for me - Rakhi Gujrat Consult Tarun Chopra, call him now #. 9811940236

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Tarun Chopra is a practicing Vedic Astrologer (Jyotish), Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Reader and Aura Reader. He lives in Gurgaon. His approach, fore feeling and intuitive impressions are excellent, also in the much sense of his affirmatives towards recommending solution to anyone’s problems. He started the practice at a very early age, and took it up as his career. A remarkable and positive change occurred in his life, when he got initiated into the divine technique, which is popularly known as Kriya Yoga. He firmly believes, that what is the purpose of predictions when he is not able to overcome the burden of the people, who are suffering in some way or the other. His virtuous ideology led him to learn the various techniques of Lal Kitab, a famous book, wherein numerous remedies are prescribed. As time passed, he developed his individual yet indigenous methods of predictions and their subsequent remedial measures. His unadulterated way of envisaging and foretelling to the people who come in contact with him, is amazing. One can reach him and seek his advice to solve your problem. He provides instant answers, which have proved useful to many. You may be one of them too, for instant answer to your queries call him on his Mobile Phone and get answers to your query right away.

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