Tarot Cards

Tarot tar·ot (plural tar·ots)

  • fortune-telling with cards; a system of fortune-telling using a special pack of 78 cards consisting of 4 suits of 14 cards together with 22 picture cards


  • A flat, usually rectangular piece of stiff paper, cardboard, or plastic, especially:
  • One of a set or pack bearing significant numbers, symbols, or figures, used in games and in divination.

Tarot cards are the set of 78 cards “Major Arcana Cards and Minor Arcana Cards {Pentacle, Wands, Cups, Swords}”. These Tarot cards are used for divination purpose. Since Tarot has mysticism involved that’s why it has come into occult subject.

Since it has been observed that every symbol has some mysticism behind it, Tarot are just collection of specific symbols in a pattern. A query-ant who is in doubts or trying to seek answers to his questions can take help of Tarot cards it is like his soul revealing the right answers to the query-ant.

Tarun Chopra who has been dealing with occult subjects can guide a person to solve his problems and give the right guidance with the help of tarot cards. Tarot cards can reveal the past present future perfectly.

  • Major: The Major Arcana cards represent significant issues and trends
  • Pentacle: The pentacles (or Coins) relate to money, security, and the material world.
  • Cups:The Cups relate to romance, love, creativity and the subconscious mind.
  • Wands:The wands relate to planning, design, mental activity, work, career and the outer world.
  • Swords: The swords relate to obstacles, obligations, struggles, the self, and spiritual issues..

Story – Tarot cards

A Fool is running blindly when he met the Magician, the magician is creating the magic, with Pentacle, Sword, Cup and Wand. This magic, High Priestess going to reveal and she is waiting for the Empress to come. Empress is happy in the company of Emperor. Emperor has given some authority to his Hierophant who will try to bind together the Lovers. The lovers are waiting for the Chariot to come. As Chariot man need Strength, he will seek advice from the Hermit. Hermit is still waiting for the wheel of fortune to change. As if he misses the right moment there will be no Justice. As there was no justice when the Hanged man, who was affected by the Death, the death which arrived after so much Temperance as it seems that the Devil was holding him when the lightning strike the Tower, in the dark sky where Stars were shining, waiting for the Moon to rise. Moon is still looking at the Sun which will give light and final Judgment to the fool which runs blindly in this World. ” This Mystical Tarot Cards Story covers Major Arcana Cards by Tarun Chopra ”


The Fool

The Fool Tarot card can be starting card or the ending card in all decks as its value is zero, In this card a young man seems to go to a journey he is very confident about him self and in happy mood, he has reached the edge of the cliff, and not watching where he is going ahead as he is looking in the open sky. He is carrying a white rose in one hand and in another he has a wand on his shoulder where on the end of the wand there is a baggage. The Bag depicts a mysterious smile and a single eye looking at the young man. Near the foot of the man there is a small dog barking on him trying to warn him the hidden danger or the change which is coming on his way. In the horizon there is a sun which shines so brightly. In the distant there are high raised mountains.

The Fool card has a very deep meaning it shows that we are on the journey where there could be all of a sudden some new change could arrive which we never know. That is why the card name is Fool, A fool is ignorant and he learn’s from the journey experiences when he travels. In this card dog represents The Planet Ketu as there has been a mystical co relation with dogs and change in our lives.It has been observed that dog’s can for see the upcoming events at very early stage. A white rose in the hand shows the honesty of the individual and shows he has no wrong intention and want remain happy all the time. A baggage in his hand shows what he has achieved in his life. which he tries to hold it together

The Magician
This Magician card shows a young and happy male who is very confident in appearance. With one hand pointed to the sky with wand, the other pointing downward. The costume is very impressive with a strong belt. Above his head is the cosmic symbol.

On the Table lie the four symbols of creation: the wand standing for fire; the cup, for water; the sword, for air; and the pentacle, for earth. Below him the white lilies of pure abstract thought intertwine with the red roses of desire; more roses from a brower above him.

This Magician card is having the number one the number of sun, the belt which is like a snake is the symbol of eternal. As sun is the main source of power on the earth this card has the power to control and achieve the desires, This cards also reveals that a person can reach to this state where he can live according to the will of the all mighty and work as his medium to create things in this world. The red and white flowers reveals the abundance and richness.


Upright: Strength of will, intuition, self control, self-confidence, autonomy, diplomacy. The positive qualities of humankind: skill, initiative, intelligence, discernment, and comprehension; freedom from control by others. All leading to success and ability to control your environment.

Reversed: The use of power for destructive ends, misuse of powers, Failures of plans.

The High Priestess

Tarot Card shows a female figure, seated she is holding a open book (scroll of the Tora), as book may be the divine message or law from the universe, the costume she is wearing is having the colour of sky this can be said that she represents the voice of infinity, She is having a plus sign which is the symbol for four direction which are inter related. She has the crescent moon at her feet and wears a crown that shows a full moon with crescent moons on either side As moon represents mysteries of mind and unstable mind.

Behind her are the two pillars of solomon’s Temple – Boaz the black, to indicate the negative life-forces, and jachin, the positive. The viel between them, a symbol of virginity, is embroidered with palms (male) and pomegranates (female)

The essence of this card is wisdom-understanding of the laws that underline the workings of the universe.


Upright: Wisdom, serenity, knowledge and understanding. Judgment, learning, mystery, science, art, hidden influences at work, unrevealed future, creative forces of subconscious, inner illumination.

Reversed: Superficial knowledge, even ignorance; inability to judge events and issues clearly; false impressions; not working according to the law or message of the all mighty.

The Empress
The Empress is the most beautiful and significant card. The number of the card is Three which represents Growth and abundance, In the picture we see a female sit upon an cushion in a fertile garden, a field of ripening wheat before her. There is a stream of water flowing with its full swing between the trees. Water is a symbol of life and creativity here in this card it is free flowing which shows abundance and richness. On the side of the throne there is a heart symbol which shows love and kind nature, and inside the heart there is a symbol of venus which represents generosity and refinement. She is wearing twelve star diamond Crown which represents toughness and stability. Twelve is the number of completeness of a cycle as each day and night has 12 hours. She holds a golden sceptre in her right hand Which represents authority.



Authority in life with material abundance, Creativity, Refinement in worldly maters, Happy marriage, wealth, Contentment, Success in all endeavors. Good Harvest with growth in life.


Ill use of material and abundance of life, wastage, plans failed, Not able to use the creative forces, Bad Luck leading to poverty, disturbing marriage. Loss of power, inability to solve problems. Negative side of the feminine qualities.

The Emperor
The Fourth card of major Arcana is Emperor. Four is the number of Rahu, Rahu is all what is related to this world as it is said that any thing which exist on earth is a dream and the representation of a Dream in terms of vedic astrology is Rahu. In this card we see a elderly man sitting on a throne decorated with rams heads. In his right hand he is holding a Ankh and its left hand he is holding a Globe of dominon. The Background consists of bare, reddish Mountains. He is wearing a Crown of golden colour. He is having a long Bread.

The Ram symbolizes the Head, Ram is the masculine force which have the abilty to control, in this we see two Rams which shows that emperor has the abilty to control spiritual and material part, as on both of the rams there are two symbols first is Ankh which symbolises regeneration and other symbol is Globe which is representation of physical world. The bare mountains shows the maturity and all of nature of the being. The crown is the symbol of High position in life. On the bottom of the hills we see a small streem of water flowing which shows material abundance in one life.



Authority in life, able to take right decision, balance in material and spiritual world, Leadership, Self Mastery. Goal reached and won.


Negative use of the powers, wrong dicisions, Every thing achieve is going to be loss, Confusion in life. Egoistic and selfish ends which lead to loss of power, Wastage of good recources of life.

The Hierophant
The master of the sacred mysteries wears the triple crown of a pope. He Holds a sceptre terminating in a triple cross. At his feet are crossed keys, a gold one and a silver one. The two tonsured priest kneeling before him. One of wearing a garment with white lilies another with the red roses.


Preference for the outer forms of religion. The need to conform, to be socially approved.


Unconventionality, unorthodoxy openness to new ideas in any field. Danger of becoming superstitious Can be the card of inventor as well as the crackpot.

The Lovers
A nude man and women stand beneath the outstretched arms of Raphael, angel of Air, who gives them his blessing. Behind the women is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, bearing five fruits for the five senses; the serpent of sensation is in charge. Behind the man is a tree bearing the trefoil flames of the twelve signs of the zodiac, each divided into three decans.
This key has deep metaphysical meanings. It indicates that which the conscious mind it is almost impossible for us to reach the superconsious; we must, in meditation or prayer, reach it by way of the subconscious. Here the man, representing the conscious mind and reason, looks to the women, representing the subconscious mind and the emotions. It is she who can look up at the angel of the superconscious.
Six, the number of the divine force in nature, of coorperation and marriage, fits in the meanings of this picture.

The World
A wreath of leaves surrounds the dancer, who holds in each hand a magic wand. At the four corners of the card there are four different figures: upper left, a winged human or angel, upper right a hawk or eagle, lower right a lion, lower left a bull.

Completion, perfection, synthesis, ultimate change. Honesty and truth; assured success, harmony, attainment. Graduation; completion of a cycle. Recognition, reward, acclaim. Arrival at a state of cosmic consciousness. Can mean also movement in one’s affairs, travel.

Fear of change. Earthbound sprit attached to one place or profession. Sloth and stubbornness. Refusal to learn the lessons of life. Success yet to be won. Sacrifice of love or goals. Flight. Stagnation, inertia.

About me

Tarun Chopra is a practicing Vedic Astrologer (Jyotish), Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Psychic Reader and Aura Reader. He lives in Gurgaon. His approach, fore feeling and intuitive impressions are excellent, also in the much sense of his affirmatives towards recommending solution to anyone’s problems. He started the practice at a very early age, and took it up as his career. A remarkable and positive change occurred in his life, when he got initiated into the divine technique, which is popularly known as Kriya Yoga. He firmly believes, that what is the purpose of predictions when he is not able to overcome the burden of the people, who are suffering in some way or the other. His virtuous ideology led him to learn the various techniques of Lal Kitab, a famous book, wherein numerous remedies are prescribed. As time passed, he developed his individual yet indigenous methods of predictions and their subsequent remedial measures. His unadulterated way of envisaging and foretelling to the people who come in contact with him, is amazing. One can reach him and seek his advice to solve your problem. He provides instant answers, which have proved useful to many. You may be one of them too, for instant answer to your queries call him on his Mobile Phone and get answers to your query right away.

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